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If you are considering renting your next home look no further than Synergy Property Associates as we offer a full list of services from Deposit Replacement Insurance, Tenant Insurance and Contents Insurance to saving you money on your Utility and Social Media bills.

Synergy Property Associates believe in listening and understanding your property requirements unlike some agents that offer and send you property details that you have not registered for. We do not believe in wasting your valuable time and will only offer you property that you requested when you register your requirements with us.

Our friendly members of staff are well versed within the Lettings industry to offer support and advice throughout the whole renting process and we are always at the end of the phone.

Once you have rented your property it does not stop there. We can assist you with saving monies on your Utility Services, to arranging Deposit Replacement Insurance, Tenant Insurance and arranging Contents Insurance if needed.

With the Advertising Standards Authority ruling on the 1st November 2013 regarding the display of tenant fees in rental property our company can confirm the following fees will apply, to any persons living in a property over the age of 18.

Individual Application Fees: £200 per person
Administration Fee for Guarantor (if required):    £50   per person
Tenancy Agreement Fee: £100 per person
Company Let Agreement Fee: £200
Tenancy Renewal Fee: £100 per person
Change of Tenancy Paperwork: £100
Check out Fee:£60

All prices include VAT

Please call 0333 344 9222 for further information about Selling or Renting your home, or to find out how much your property is worth?