• Rent without paying a deposit
  • Rent without paying a deposit

Synergy Property Associates has recognised the potential problems for both landlords and tenants when it comes to deposits on rental properties. With more and more legislation which landlords have to adhere to for holding tenants' deposits, and the increasing cost burden on tenants to provide a large deposit, there is now our zero deposit alternative – our exclusive Deposit Replacement Insurance.

Why it's good for Landlords...

  • Attract a wider range of tenants by not having to ask them to provide a deposit.
  • Give your property a letting advantage over competition and let it out faster!
  • No need to hold a tenant's deposit in a costly national scheme or deal with disputes.
  • Damage (dilapidations) cover for up to 6 weeks' rental value.
  • Covers you if the tenant vacates the property without paying the last month's rent (or a proportion of it).
  • Removes regulatory burden of deposit compliance highlighted by Superstrike.
  • You can obtain this product even if you don’t rent your property through us.

Why it's good for Tenants...

  • No large upfront deposit just an affordable insurance premium.
  • Move into properties more quickly with no need to save for a deposit.
  • No need to chase repayment of a deposit on leaving a property.
  • If you have a cat or dog this may well allow a landlord to accept you quicker.
  • Affordable Insurance Premium.
  • Easy Online Application.
  • You can obtain this product even if you don’t rent through us and if accepted by other letting agents.

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