Auction or not? That is the question

You may believe that only problem properties are sold at auction, but this is simply not true. Auction can work for a wide range of properties. So, will your property fit the bill?

  • Residential – failed to sell
  • Unique or unusual
  • Requiring modernisation
  • Probate or executor sales
  • Land, with or without planning
  • Unfinished developments
  • With structural issues
  • Garage blocks
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Flats with short leases or above commercial premises
  • Tenanted Properties
  • Commercial

Local Expertise National Coverage

Synergy Property Associates are delighted to have partnered with Network Auctions, and we are now able to offer clients a market leading auctioneering service with the benefits of local expertise and National coverage. Which means that your property will reach a wider audience, attracting both local and national buyers. This results in highly competitive bidding to help you achieve the best price for your property

We advertise your property online in the usual way and in conjunction with our award winning partners, Network Auctions. With their database of thousands of potential buyers, you will have access to the largest market possible, with regular auctions held throughout the year at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

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Let us achieve a premium price for you at our London property auction held at The Grosvenor House Hotel.

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Online auction

As well as traditional auction, we have an exclusive online auction otherwise known as Network-E. This is a particularly effective way of selling properties or land that might otherwise go to tender or sealed bids and it also takes the best aspects of traditional methods of sale and combines these with a process that adds speed, transparency and security.

Traditional methods of sale often have delays which create uncertainty and lead to around 30% of sales agreed never actually reaching their planned conclusion. This in turn is both frustrating and costly. Network E is a great way to sell your property and this is how it works:

  • Property promoted for 3 weeks to get interest
  • Buyers wishing to bid must pay an admin fee
  • Auction closes
  • Buyer gets exclusivity for 4-6 weeks to:
  • Arrange finance/surveys prior to exchange
  • Non-refundable Reservation Deposit is paid of:
  • 1% or a minimum £3,500 of purchase price
  • 1% or a minimum £3,500 of purchase price

5 Benefits of Selling by Auction


Exchange – 10% deposit on fall of gavel – completion – 20 working days


No chains, no protracted negotiations and no falling through


Block viewings and serious buyers with cash or finance in place


All interested parties have an opportunity to compete and bid


Works to the seller’s advantage and can achieve best price

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