• Helping Tenants Move Into Property

Deposit Replacement Insurance

Do you find raising a month’s deposit difficult?

Would you require your deposit money back the same day you move out?

Had problems in the past with one of the recognised deposit schemes?
Then here’s a new bespoke product you’re going to like…

Synergy Property Associates has recognised the potential problems for both landlords and tenants when it comes to deposits on rental properties. With more and more legislation which landlords have to adhere to for holding tenants' deposits, and the increasing cost burden on tenants to provide a large deposit, there is now an alternative to cash deposits.

Deposit Replacement Insurance benefits both the landlord and the tenant. It allows the tenant to move into a property without having to find a large, sometimes unaffordable upfront sum and it covers the landlord for damage to the property AND unpaid rent.

This unique insurance product is available exclusively through Synergy Property Associates.


  • No large upfront deposit, just an insurance premium equivalent to around one week's rent.
  • Move into properties more quickly with no need to save or wait for a deposit on a previous property to be released from a deposit scheme.
  • Offers the landlord 6 weeks deposit being more than the traditional deposit

If you have a cat or dog this may well allow a landlord to accept you quicker

You can obtain this product even if you don’t rent through us and if accepted by other letting agents

For further information call 0333 344 9222 or email us at info@synergypa.co.uk

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